We do things a little differently around here. We don’t just say we care about the people and environment, we set a new standard for manufacturing in the yoga industry. Zayda Spirit is in line with your values and is an outlet for conscious and responsible consumers to vote with your dollars.

Our products are hand crafted by well compensated artisans who are passionate about their craft. Manufactured right here in the heartland of the United States. We only select materials that are sustainable and ethically sourced. We do not support child labor, unfair wages and slave conditions. As a conscious consumer, I did not feel comfortable purchasing yoga accessories that fuel oppression and destruction to support my awakened journey. I set out to create the most consciously responsible yoga bolsters and meditation zafus for the most mindful consumers, just like yourself.

Our materials of choice were chosen with these ideals in mind. We settled on 100% hemp fabrics and organic buckwheat hulls for filling. Both materials have numerous benefits and align with our core values.

Buckwheat hulls are a byproduct of the flour milling industry, and are considered waste. By re-purposing the hulls into filling, we are lessening wasteful practices. Buckwheat hulls have many benefits that make them ideal filling for yoga bolsters and support. They hold their shape and do not compress. Likewise, they have the advantage of contouring to your specific body shape so that you are comfortably and effectively supported in poses. Buckwheat hulls have a beautifully soothing, natural, white noise sound as they move about the cushion. Buckwheat hull filling will last for years and years. You can adjust the amount by removing some or adding more to get the exact support you desire. The hulls are even replaceable if you feel it’s time to refresh. The old hulls can be tossed right into the compost pile and turned to soil, or used as mulch or plant dressing to hold in moisture. Buckwheat grows well without fertilizers and pesticides and is often used as a cover crop in organic gardening and farming practices to regenerate nitrogen in the soil.

Hemp fiber has been used for thousands of years. In fact, the first American Flags were woven of hemp fibers. Not only is hemp one of the strongest of the natural fibers, it is also extremely sustainable. It protects the soil as opposed to harming it. Recent legislation has finally allowed industrial hemp to once again be grown on American soil. Myself and many others are hopeful this will propel advancements in sustainable farming practices and lead to the protection of the environment. I am eager for the opportunity to work with local growers and manufactures of hemp fibers and fabric!